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The value of gold is determined by an active worldwide market 24 hours a day. There is a range of participants ranging from high street businesses that will buy it for cash there and then, through to commodity brokers and the mining companies themselves. As with anything, the normal laws of supply and demand apply but here in a slightly unusual way.

We have seen that so much gold is held in reserve that whatever is being mined this month or this year has very little ecte on supply. It is demand that holds most sway. And in spite of a strong demand for manufacturing jewellery and technology, it is really mood, attitude and dencecon which has a major ecte.

Though this involvement of sentiment might lead to expectations of erratic price performance but, for decades, it has been seen to show overall growth and a correlation with ination as marked by the US Consumer Price

2Index, CPI regardless of whether academic economists feel a link is theoretically justi.ed

Certainly, even with some recent downturn and volatility, its recent performance has been remarkable especially at a time of global economic downturn.

How has this compared with other assets.

Even allowing for possible income produced by FTSE 100 shares and property rental income, the performance is remarkable.







£100,000 - 10 years to

Reduced to real terms taking

Real percentage





September 2012

account of ationin










CASH under mattress












FTSE 100 index












Property(Average UK House)



























Whilst it is possible to buy shares in mining companies or gold-based funds, direct ownership of gold offers many advantages

Simplicity and ease of assessing value
Liquidity as it can be easily sold.
Not tied to the fortunes of one particular mine or fund



GEC is a leading provider of alternative commodities introducing clients to exciting and valuable concepts associated with precious metals and other routes to capital diversification.

GEC is driven by specialist trading desks with many years of experience garnered in the City. Integral relationships
have been established with key players in a variety of markets allowing GEC to present a unique range of products
offering a variety of structures and characteristics to meet the diverse financial aspirations of our clients.

GEC‘s high level of client care is a little special and particularly tailored to suit the requirements of the individual investor.
The comprehensive GEC service features

Competitive rates
Recognised certification
A friendly and attentive team
A regular contact to offer continuing support, provide information and answer questions
News and updates about the world of gold
Safe storage
Sale facilities when required

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GEC is a London based commodities consultancy with a deep understanding of specialist products and their established markets.

Our business and approach is centred on educating and aiding our clients in understanding what can seem on occasions a complex market place the risk and rewards of a variety of commodities that present opportunities for significant potential capital growth which will appeal to a particular clientele.

Through a systematic approach, the team is able to facilitate all aspects of buying and selling in a safe, transparent manner and GEC publish informative literature on our products. We inform, and do so without pressure. We are here for our clients. We listen.


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